August 31, 2011


right now the wind is rushing
the leaves are begining to realize it`s almost time
the air even seems to be devided between a sweet chill and the heat of summer
i am not devided
i love this

as I stepped down from the stairs and was hit with a gust of wind I was enchanted again
it reminds me of times not so long ago
it reminded me that winter is not to far away

the wind... it chills me to the bone
i have goose bumps
but I love it
i am outside basking and enjoying everything and I never want to move

the sky is looming
shades of gray and white provided shade from the sometimes down right exhausting sun
they tell that the rain will probably soon come

but today I wan to be outside
i love to hear the leaves rush around and roar as though they were traffic in a rush to reach their destination
i love to see the branches sway
moving... just as the wind blows
but their trunk always stays unmoved
firm and steady

the grass... it`s dancing
the deep green hue brought by the summer rain changes slightly as the wind reveals a light, gleaming change to the side we don`t  often see from the little sun that sill shines

it`s a joy
a completion some how
a hope
and now I feel a few drops of rain
i am excited
i know others who will be happy too
it brings peace I think and pray
But right now I have to go get my clothes off the line before they are soaked or blown away. 

August 24, 2011

There are some things that are just universal...Boogers, and Poskettie.

Nose picker->eater

For those who do not know I am teaching English in Japan.  I teach all ages, but right now lets just focus on the little ones.

I suppose that there are some things I thought would be different when I came to Japan.  When you think of Japan what comes to your mind? ...  Mine?  I thought of mountains, really nice people, and cleanliness.  Recycling is required, squaty potty's, and hand sanitizer are everywhere.  My mind just rolled with it I guess.  Oh... how surprised I was!

I was teaching my youngest student on a Saturday morning.  He doesn't seem to be in favor of this but he bears with it.   I have had the great pleasure of watching him discover that his finger does actually fit perfectly into his nostril.  Yes! I did say nose picker->eater.   He went BIG!  [Should I leave you with that?  Tempting... but I will go on]
His mom fights, in vain, to get him to put the booger in a hanky.  I do all I can to keep from dying of laughter as he sneaks another one into his mouth.  LOL This kid... I know it is a bad habit but... confession... I did it too!! AHHH the secret is out.  If you decide to judge me, fine. I understand.  Its is down right nasty!  I did live though.  And thus, so will he.  I do not think however, that it is a habit that should be continued. Did you know that this process has a scientific name.  You want to know it? Why not right?  It's mucophagyCheck it out. Or don't.

Teaching kid has been so much fun!  Lot of interesting experiences that are making me reminisce on the good ol' yester years. :)

Kid's here really like spaghetti.  They get really excited about it when it comes up in the text books because they know what it is.  But that does not make the word any easier to say then it was for me when I was their age.  I don't know what you called it but for me it was something along the lines of poskettie.
So there I was... reading, "Do you like spaghetti?".  To which they are to read/respond, "Yes, I do.  I like spaghetti."  Out it came "...paskettie?!", "...poskettie?!"  The look of "I know this isn't the way it is said but my mouth/brain can not get it!" was on his face. Yep.  I did laugh.  It was funny!  They laughed too!  It was just a funny situation in my mind.  I knew how they felt.  I helped them through it but didn't worry too much.  They will grow out of it soon.  :)  

So now I know.  It doesn't matter where you are.  Nose picking/eating, and the some variation of the word poskettie (spaghetti) can be expected. There are some things that are just universal.