September 5, 2012

DOWN right DARN them there dusty corner BLUES

I see and hear the wind and rain
I teach and drive roads the same
I work and play most the day
I cook and drink the tea away

You see and hear the wind and rain
We teach and drive roads together and the same
I work with you and play most the day
I cook and drink with you the tea away

Putting You into the moments i live
second by second
With all get and all I give

The days can pass weirdly alike
All that happens is someones stole my bike... SIKE!
But you, giving the thanks to you is what I choose
Keeps me from getting the down right darn them there dusty corner blues  

SPagHeTTi FaCES and MOcHi iCEcreaM

You should have seen their faces covered, unbeknownced by each 1st grader
Those who had, some how inherited or mastered the technique of accomplishing a clear face
They dared not make fun or laugh, well at least until it was reciprocated by the others not so fortunate
But we did laugh together and it was so funny

Then there was the mochi icecream.
When it is frozen it is good and firm
But I have to say that this was... well not
By the time the containers were opened
The ice cream ran and the mochi well it kind of ran
In a stringy, glop of goodness that was defiantly not going to be abandoned.
In, and on it went.
Some faces covered and working on more
All enraptured in the now creamy goodness

What a surprise for lunch time fun
Spaghetti faces and mochi ice cream
Yes! Any day.