July 13, 2011

Frozen Mudd Pie Icecream; I searched. I found! I combined. I believe I conquered!

I have been in a writing loll.  It's just not been coming ya know.  But I am BUSTING out of it!  Ready or not here I go.  :)   
So a few weeks back I was talking with some friends about birthday cakes.  The shared feeling was that cake was not where it was at... for us... ICREAM CAKE is TOTALLY WHERE ITS AT!  The DQ ice cream cakes to be persise... the ones with the fudgey cookie stuff in the middle... you know... the stuff you pull the "its my birthday" card for.  Well I know I did.  :P 

My mind got going.  Sara had already directed me to this No-Bake Peanut Butter Tart from Joy The Bakers blog.  I was determined to try it because it does not require an oven.  But then I got to thinking..."That would be great with a CHOCOLATE crust", I thought.  A chocolate crust!  I searched.  I found! I combined, and I believe I conquered! I found this Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream recipe and stopped.   I had the info I needed and set to work.  TAda!

Frozen Mud Pie 
12 Oreos, or Oreo like cookie
3 cups heavy cream
3 milk chocolate bars or 1 bag milk chocolate chips
3/4-1 cup crunchy peanutbutter

Chocolate Cream, and Oreo crust:
1)heat 1 1/2 cup heavy cream till just before it starts to bubble.  (Hot enough to melt chocolate)  Take off the heat and dump in 1 1/2 chocolate pars or 1/3 bag of cho chips.  Let sit. 

2) Food process the Oreos to tiny crumbs.  Pour 2/3rds or 1/2  on the bottom of a tart dish.  

3) Beat the chocolate and cream so it blends.  Pour 1/3rd cho. cream over the Oreo crubs.  Just enough to cover them.  Then cool the remaining cream in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.  Put the Oreo crumbs with the choc. cream in the freezer to set.

Peanut butter cream:
1) Whisk the 1 1/2 cup (remaining cream) to a stiff peak.  Take out 1/2 cup of the whipped cream and refrigerate for later topping.  Fold peanut butter into whipped cream then refrigerate. 

1) Once cho. cream is cool beat till it begins to stiffen and gain body.  
2) Crumble the rest of the chocolate bar/chips into cho cream. 
3) Fold chocolate cream into peanut butter cream.  
4)Take tart out of freezer and dump/spread mixture over top.  
5)Sprinkle remaining Oreos on top and spread 1/2 cup whip that was set aside on top.  
6) Freeze or EAT! 
 *Note:  You can top this however you want.  I just chose to put the Oreos on then the cream.  It doesn't effect the taste.  REALLY... look at the ingredients... I am pretty sure what ever happens it will be eaten. :) 

I knew this was a success when those I served licked their plates!

I hope you enjoy as much as we did!  :) ~Abi