November 22, 2011

fall love food

 I love apples!  I love fall! Apple are a great fall food!

One think that I have really enjoyed about living where I do is the fresh fruit.  It is so good!  As you can see from this picture I did not hold back when I went to buy fruit from a fruit stand just down the way.  OHh soo good.  I had aspirations to make something with the apples... but that didn't happen... I ate them all.  :)  lol I did enjoy one with my favorite EXTRA Crunch Jiff Peanut butter sent to me via my mother. :)   Thanks mom. :) 

I have also had the great fortune of enjoying amazing food with amazing friends.  One of my favorite things is to cook, with or for someone.  For this Mexican meal we did both.  (And yes it was as good/better then it looks)

Right now I am faced with the problem of having many left overs.  I have rice, noodles, veggies galore, and other odds and ins. What do I do?  I found this recipe from 101 cookbooks and I may tweek it to make a rice and veggie soup.  We shall see how it turns out. :)  

Ohh! Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!  Enjoy all you can with your families, and friends.  I hope you can truly treasure the moments and the small things you can spend time doing.