October 16, 2011

Hello October

Slieve Croob in Ireland - August

I had decided that I wanted to write more, and I wanted to write creatively like I used to before the days of college research papers and work deadlines. At the very moment that I decided this, writer's block came over me like the rain storm that soaked me to the bone. So I didn't worry about what I wrote for a while, and I didn't write here either.

I have been taking notes about life and people I see like the wild haired girl in the red rain boots driving the golf cart like she is in Nascar. And the lady talking about her aunt that was afraid of getting lost and to meet up at McDonald's. My grandmother told me a story about her mother getting married at 18 and taking a home economics class to learn how to cook per her mother's suggestion. But instead of learning how to make things like cornbread and buttermilk biscuits, she learned how to make hollandaise sauce. I love taking notes. It makes me more observant and more perceptive. It makes bad experiences funny ones, and sweet stories even sweeter. I jot notes down before I get out of the car to walk into work, right after lunch, or at the gym. There are stories everywhere bursting to be told. They just need a messenger.

I made this bread with roasted butternut squash the other day and it was amazing. Please bake it and share!

Abi (who I am seeing in just DAYS!!) sent me these books all compiled into one, and I can't believe I have not read them sooner.

I think this is the best cheap red wine.

I have pumpkins coming up in my backyard. Please get bigger. Makes me want to watch this for old times sake.

We sang Amazing Grace in church this morning, and I am reminded how amazing God's grace is more and more every day. And His grace is free.